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Health Insurance

Health insurance is more complex than ever these days. Phil J. Muscarello Insurance has the experience necessary to offer customized insurance solutions for you.
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Life Insurance

Life insurance options change as you go through different phases of your life. Phil J. Muscarello Insurance provides customized, affordable coverage options in the Baton Rouge area.
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Employee Benefits

Small business in particular often struggle to find affordable health and medical insurance options. Phil J. Muscarello Insurance helps Baton Rouge area businesses by offering customized coverage plans.
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Welcome to PJMI Inc. Phil J. Muscarello Insurance

Phil J. Muscarello Insurance is an insurance agent based in and serving the Baton Rouge, LA area. Insurance agents may be a dime a dozen, but choosing the right agent can be a challenging task. Fortunately, we offer medical, life, and health insurance options designed to fit your needs and your budget. Insurance is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life.

Insurance is not a simple one-time decision though. Your insurance needs change as you grow and events and circumstances in your life change. You need an insurance agent that understands this and can help you adjust your coverage as your needs change over time. Our coverage options include:

• Life and health insurance benefits for employers and employees
• Individual and family health, life, and medical insurance options
• Small business employee benefits
• Dental and vision insurance

• Medicare and Medical insurance plans
• Disability insurance
• Group insurance
• Long-term and short-term disability coverage

Contact one of our insurance agents today to see how we can offer insurance options that fit into your budget. Phil J. Muscarello Insurance offers health, medical, and life insurance choices for individuals and companies. Call us today at (225) 927-4687.

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